About Grippers

Grippers is a horse riding apparel manufacturing company since 2004. I started this company after getting 8 years of manufacturing experience in family owned steel business of making bits, stirrups and spurs from 1996 to 2004. Thus, by 2004 I had enough knowledge of riding industry, its traditions, products and customer requirements and so it was the right time to expand the family business and diversify into leather and fabrics. Grippers is currently manufacturing following products:
1. Riding gloves
2. Half chaps
3. Long chaps
4. Neoprene and fur girths
5. Stable boots amd iceboots
6. Farrier aprins
7. Synthetic exercise saddles
8. Rugs
9. Trekking saddle bags/icelandic saddle bags

We, at Grippers, take a special pride in designing our own riding gloves and half chaps. To our credit, halfchaps like Magic chaps, endurance chaps, extreme chaps amd comfort chaps have already gained appreciation and attention of our customers. Similarly, many of our innovative designs of gloves have gained popularity as well.

Our products are exported to following markets :

Using finest of fabrics and finest of leather we remain committed to hard work, new and innovative designing, high quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.